Office of the Chief Scientist, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Engineer, Staff • Nov, 2012 — Present

Engineer, Senior • Nov, 2011 — Oct, 2012

Technical lead for multiple applications used internally to facilitate open source usage, compliance, and contribution.

  • Currently leading an effort to refresh the UI for Qualcomm's open source code scanner. Partnered with the UX team to conduct usability studies, generated and reviewed wireframes with users, coordinated with project management to build out roadmaps, engineered the frontend architecture. Node, Mercury.js
  • Improved user efficiency and data discoverability for open source scan results by building an application that enabled searching, data aggregation, and visualization of scan reports. Django, Backbone.js
  • Replaced the team's wiki-based website and MS Word-based monthly reports with a newly designed website that leverages Markdown + Jekyll. Coupled with Github Enterprise and Pull Requests, the new workflow is much more collaborative and asynchronous, reminiscent of an open source project.

Web Collaboration Services, Qualcomm Inc.

Engineer, Senior • Nov, 2009 — Oct, 2011

Engineer • Feb, 2008 — Oct, 2009

Software engineer for multiple, high-usage web applications used internally throughout the company.

  • Spearheaded a project to revamp the frontend of Qualcomm's most used internal app: the employee directory. After working with the UX group to redesign the UI, implemented the wireframes using frontend best practices and modern technologies, e.g. HTML5/CSS3. jQuery, Java
  • Replaced an outdated interface for Qualcomm's intranet search engine with a modern UI that combined several data sources. This included Qualcomm Maps, which utilized the Google Maps API to display company buildings worldwide, allowed searching, and provided directions and building details. Javascript, PHP
  • Built a high-availability, high-throughput JSON web service (~10m hits/day) that provided employee's online presence information using Microsoft's Unified Communications API. C# .NET.

Pepperdine University

Application Developer • Nov, 2006 — Jan, 2008

Lead developer for Pepperdine's Web Portal, the starting point where all undergrad students, grad students, staff, faculty, and alumni go to interact with coursework, grades, HR, employment info, etc.

Graduate School of Education & Psychology, Pepperdine University

Web Developer/Manager • Apr, 2006 — Oct, 2006

Managed and developed all aspects of the external and internal web sites and applications used by students, staff, faculty, and prospective students.

University Library, UC Santa Cruz

Programmer/Analyst II • Dec, 2004 — Apr, 2006

Primary web developer for external and internal web sites and applications used by students, staff, faculty, and the public.

University Library, UC Santa Cruz

Tech Support & Web Developer • 2003 — 2004

Provided tech support for staff and maintained a set of web sites and applications for the library.


University of California, Santa Cruz

B.S., Computer Science • 2001 — 2005

Recent Project

FinderJS • mynameistechno.github.io/finderjs

FinderJS is a small UI component that allows you to browse tree-like data in columns, similar to the file manager in OS X. It supports both static and asynchronous data sources and is easy to customize.



JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Python, Ruby, SQL


Backbone.js, Mercury.js (unidirectional FRP-style JS library), Django, Ruby on Rails, Node, jQuery, Less, Sass, Stylus, Solr, Photoshop, Balsamiq, Git, Github Enterprise, PostgreSQL